Why Football Isn't Popular in the US: 10 Reasons Explained

Football is the most popular sport in the world, but even though the United States is a sport-loving nation, it's not as popular as football or basketball. There are a lot of aspects in football that simply do not match the social beliefs of Americans, combined with other historical events, that have made football an unattractive sport for Americans. Technology has a huge effect on why football isn't popular in the US. UU., and some people are too busy at work and don't have time to play or watch football.

The lack of historical connection between fans and the sport is also a factor. European football giants have the same names and home stripes recognizable for more than a century, while American teams don't have that same connection with their fans. It can be difficult to watch a sport knowing that there are better players elsewhere, and most of the top football stars play in Europe, where it can be said that the sport is at its most popular. All world-class talent plays outside the United States and, for that reason, it can be difficult for fans to invest in their own league.

Football is not the national sport in the US., so some grow up without fully understanding the rules of football or without knowing who are the best players to follow. American sports often have to have a winner, even in a regular league season, unlike football. Teams can share the spoils in football, and that can be frustrating, as it can seem like a big waste of time for those in the game. American sports focus on excitement and action, which means that a 0-0 in a football game can seem like a disappointment.

American sports seasons are generally short, which means there is a quick sense of achievement.


leagues usually take nine or ten months, and can feel more like a marathon than a race to the title. For this reason, many American fans may get bored of the lack of progression.


is becoming more popular in the United States and the younger generation is starting to catch it.

If it continues to grow, it could rival football, baseball and basketball, but we wouldn't bet on it. During the time when football grew in the rest of the world, the United States was never as exposed to it as much as the rest of the world (largely thanks to European colonialism). Now is a better time than ever to take tangible action and increase engagement with football among sports fans.

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