Why Football is the Worst Sport: An Expert's Perspective

Football is a tremendously inefficient sport, making it both boring to watch and play. It is difficult to execute planned plays, leaving players to run and chase the ball in an attempt to make something happen. This is especially true in the United States, where football is seen as a sport for children. With only 34 games per season, it has the lowest number of games compared to other sports.

A football match is a constant action packed into two-hour packs, making it easy to digitally record a game. Watching sports, whether in person or on television, requires a commitment that many American sports fans are not willing to make. Additionally, football players often simulate and exaggerate fouls by rolling on the ground and screaming. Since sports are now all about money, football cannot compete for advertising dollars with major events such as the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Basketball is also seen as easier since it only requires players to be tall and black. However, American culture has been changing over the years, and football is becoming increasingly popular. In my article “How dangerous is football?” I discuss how safe football is compared to other sports such as basketball, football and baseball. While there are serious injuries in football, players can generally play their entire careers and retire with most of their brain cells intact.

People love the game because it's easy, accessible and fun to watch. Football uniforms are adorned with eye-catching advertising, and the fields are full of more of the same. To improve the game, stoppage time should be stopped during outings and injuries. Small players don't fit American social beliefs and make football unattractive to some people.

Wanda Lobdell
Wanda Lobdell

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