Which soccer player died recently?

The Santa Clara County medical examiner confirmed the cause of death of rising football star Katie Meyer. On July 10, Oxnard police responded to reports of a major fight between two adult soccer teams on a high school soccer field. Serhiy Perkhun, goalkeeper for CSKA Moscow, suffered a serious blow when he collided with a rival player on August 29, 2001 and remained in a coma for the next ten days before dying. Brazilian soccer player Alex Apolinario has died after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest that caused him to collapse during a game on Sunday, according to a statement released by his club, FC Alverca, on Thursday.

Endurance Idahor was a Nigerian football player who was part of the Al-Merreikh team that competed in Sudan. This is a selected list of examples published in the media of soccer players who died for various reasons, such as injuries, cardiac arrests, natural deaths and, sometimes, unknown causes. This Nigerian player died on August 12, 1989 at the Surulere National Stadium, Lagos state, after suffering a collapse in the 77th minute due to congestive heart failure during a World Cup qualifying match against Angola. The Nigerian football player was a member of the T-Team club, which competed in the Malaysian Premier League.

The following is an incomplete list of association soccer players who died, either directly because of injuries sustained during a match or after becoming ill on the field. Piermario Morosini, Livorno's midfielder, died on Saturday after falling on the field due to cardiac arrest during his team's Serie B match in Pescara. The Football Federation, the NCAA and Meyer's teammates at Stanford also shared tributes to the late athlete. Cheick Ismael Tioté was a soccer player from Ivory Coast who played in the position of defensive midfielder.

Local media said on Saturday that Sofiane Loukar, an Algerian soccer player, suffered a heart attack and died after colliding with her goalkeeper during a match in the second division of Oran.

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