Who's the Fastest Football Player in the World?

Soccer is a sport that requires a lot of speed and agility, and some players have taken it to the next level. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the 15 fastest footballers in the world and their respective speeds. Leading the pack is Raphinha, a 24-year-old Brazilian winger who plays for Leeds United in the English Premier League. Last season, Raphinha scored 7 goals for his club, and most of his goals were due to his agility and speed.

His top speed of 36.5 km/h makes him one of the fastest footballers in the world. Nathan Tella is another player who has made a name for himself with his pace. The 22-year-old Southampton player has risen through the ranks and has become part of the first team in just two years. This season, he has played four games and scored two goals for Athletic de Bilbao, and he has reached a top speed of 22.13 mph.

Manchester City wingman Kyle Walker is ninth on our list of fastest footballers. The defender has reached top speeds of 35 km/h and his lung-breaking runs have been an important part of City's possession football under Pep Guardiola. Inaki Williams is the fastest LaLiga footballer on our list and his numbers say a lot about his quality. With a top speed of 35.62 km/h, he can easily beat his man and talk a lot about his endurance and confidence.

This season, Hakimi reached a top speed of almost 36.5 km/h, which shows that he is among the fastest out there and can be a difficult prospect to overcome when faced individually. Adama Traore is another supreme athlete who has become one of the fastest football players in the world. What separates him from the rest is his crazy bulge along with speed, which he uses to easily overcome opponents. Traore's impact was felt a lot during Wolves' UEFA Europa League match against Sevilla, where he had reached his maximum speed to overcome Sevilla's defenders and enter the penalty area before being knocked down.

Football is full of players with incredible speed who are not on this list of the top 10 fastest footballers, such as Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang of FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich Kingsley Coman and Leroy Sane, Mohamed Salah of Liverpool, Achraf Hakimi of PSG and others. Ismaila Sarr is known more for his speed than for his real game at Watford, while some say that Vinicius Jr could be the fastest Brazilian footballer in history. Erling Haaland is a Norwegian giant who proved to be a fairly fast striker with a height of 1.94m and a top speed of 22.39 mph. Cristiano Ronaldo is generally considered to be the fastest player in history with a top speed of 33.6 km per hour, while Barcelona's Lionel Messi is ninth (32.5 km per hour). Álvaro Odriozola has been chosen by French newspaper Le Figaro as one of its fastest football players. Wolverhampton Wanderers may not be one of the biggest clubs in the world, but they certainly have a jewel of a player in their hands - Adama Traore.

Regarded as one of the fastest football players in the English Premier League, Manchester City winger Kyle Walker is also a quality sprinter. Another Leeds player on this list is 28-year-old Bamford who directly contributed 24 goals last season to help the club reach ninth place in the Premier League. There is also debate between Hakimi and Davies when it comes to the fastest young players. Finally, Kylian Mbappé has won the top scorer award in French Ligue 1 for three consecutive seasons - an impressive feat that speaks volumes about his speed and agility on the pitch.

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