17 People Dead and 26 Injured in Mexican Football Match

A shocking incident occurred at the Corregidora Stadium in Mexico, where a Liga MX match between Queretaro and Atlas was taking place. The match was suspended just over an hour after the start, when a fight broke out between fans of the two teams. According to news reports and videos, 17 people died and at least 26 were brutally injured in the brawl. David Medrano Felix of TV Azteca reported that an initial death toll of 17 had been reported, although authorities are still resolving the aftermath.

An official report stated that 44 people had been injured, with two serious cases and none killed. A different report from the agency governing the emergency services had the number of injured at 22, all men. Nine of them were taken to hospital and two are in critical condition. The Mexican Football Federation suspended all matches on Sunday after the incident, and the governor of Querétaro, Marucio Kuri, said club owners and institutions must answer for the facts.

Unconfirmed reports circulate that up to 17 people could have died attending the game. The shocking violence that shamed Mexican football during Queretaro vs. Atlas on Saturday did result in fatalities, according to witnesses. Videos shared online showed bloody fans, some of them naked, lying unresponsive off the ground while others continued to kick and beat them.

Mexico's first division football league suspended all matches scheduled for Sunday after a massive fight between fans during Saturday's game between host Querétaro and Atlas de Guadalajara, the reigning league champion. The FMF (Mexican Football Federation) launched an investigation into the fight that occurred at the Mexican football match. The aftermath of a fierce riot fight at a Queretaro football match is being felt throughout Mexico, including FC Juarez. Authorities and security forces in Querétaro have not yet announced the official death toll after the violence that broke out at the Corregidora football stadium. A later statement from the Liga MX announced that the league had launched an in-depth investigation into the incidents that took place both inside and outside the stadium and asked the disciplinary commission of the Mexican Football Federation to prepare for sanctions. Mexico's football federation said on Tuesday it will ban loud fan clubs known as “barras” from attending away games after a massive weekend fight among football fans. The episode of violence led to the suspension of the match and was condemned by the governor of the state of Querétaro, the media and representatives of the Mexican football league.

Unable to resolve the incident, the stadium's security personnel opened the access to the field so that people could get safe while the game was still going on. FIFA is urged to investigate this incident as it has caused a great deal of distress among Mexican football fans. Up to 17 people have died, with 22 injured, after violence broke out during a match between Mexican football teams Querétaro and Atlas.

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