Which Football League is the Best?

Football is the most popular sport in the world and its popularity is increasing every day. With so many leagues around the world, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. Here is a look at the top 10 world football leagues ranked according to statistics. The English Premier League is by far the biggest, most powerful and best football league in the world right now.

Its matches are broadcast in 212 countries and reach some 4.7 billion people. The difference between the second and third was marginal, but the Bundesliga beat La Liga in some statistics. In all but one of those categories, the EPL triumphed over La Liga and the Bundesliga. At the national level, the English are helped by a league with a huge amount of parity, since the gap between the former and the last is only 31 points.

The 26 victories spread across seven clubs presented us with the best average number of wins per team in Europe with 3.71, 0.21 more than the Bundesliga and 0.43 more than La Liga. The Ukrainian Premier League also stands out for its strong and pleasant domestic league according to statistics. The average of 1.26 goals per game played was right in the middle of the pack when judging all 10 leagues on the list, but what really stood out was the discipline of the 16 clubs in the Eastern European league. Scoring goals is not a problem for the top three clubs in the league, which average between 2.5 and 2.7 goals per game, but there is a problem when it comes to scoring at the bottom of the table, which explains the league's average of 1.45 goals per game. The Brazilian national league also stands out for its high point difference we examined was Brasileirao. In the 18-team Apertura, three teams, America, Santos Laguna and Toluca, scored more than 30 goals in just 17 matches. The Dutch Eredivisie also has an entertainment factor in their national football, they also have some volatility, as they had the second highest red cards per game of the 10 leagues on the list. In Italy's Serie A ranks third on our list of UEFA qualifiers.

In its current format, it went from having regional and interregional rounds to a single-tier league from 1929-30 season onwards. Championship titles won before 1929 are officially recognized by FIGC with same weight as titles that were awarded later. When it comes to Spain's La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona dominated it during 1950s and 1980s-1990s respectively. But Basque clubs Athletic Club and Real Sociedad had their share of success too with two league titles each. During November and December, six highest-ranked teams from Eastern Conference and Western Conference go head-to-head in MLS Cup postseason qualifiers culminating in championship game, MLS Cup. In Portugal's Primeira Liga more than 70 teams have competed but only five have been crowned champions among them “Big Three” (Benfica) (37 wins), Porto (29 wins) and Sporting CP (19 wins).

With presence of 71 seasons in Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille holds record for most seasons among elite while Paris Saint-Germain holds longevity record with 47 consecutive seasons. When it comes to Major League Soccer (MLS), American professional football league with teams from United States and Canada has grown steadily in terms of quality and audience since it was officially formed in 1995. Parity in league reached all-time high with nearly 14 teams looking for top 10 spots in MLS Cup playoffs in recent weeks. Finally Brazil has always been one of strongest countries when it comes to football with its national team being most successful team in FIFA World Cup tournaments winning 5 World Cup titles. In conclusion, there are many great football leagues around world each having its own unique qualities making it difficult to decide which one is best but based on statistics English Premier League stands out as biggest, most powerful and best football league right now.

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