The Global Expansion of Football: From the US to the World

Football is a sport that has been gaining momentum around the world, with different championship league matches, such as the National Football League (NFL). It has been branching out to other nations and has gained popularity in international markets. In countries like Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa and China, football is becoming increasingly popular. In Mexico, the amendment of the gambling law in 2004 has opened up betting operations both online and in traditional casinos.

Australians are diehard NFL supporters and can now watch NFL games live while betting on overall results and live betting. New Zealand has three national teams and American football leagues in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Egyptians are not allowed to legally play in a land-based casino but can bet online on NFL and other American football leagues from different parts of the world. South Africa has five teams from different regions with more knowledge about the game and the developments still underway.

The country loves football and rugby and loves to bet on them. In China, the Chinese Football League was formed by two former college players, Chris McLaurin and Brown, now 29. It currently has around 1,000 players in 16 teams across China. The NFL is also supporting the spread of what is perceived as an exclusively American game all over the world. The appearance of German wide receiver Moritz Boehringer, the first player to be selected for the NFL directly from a European league (sixth round, Minnesota Vikings), brings a new level of attention.

The skill level is growing at a rate that is worth observing from afar. The highest level international football outside the United States or Canada is played in Germany and Austria. Operators of American Football International, Roger Kelly and John McKeon are leading authorities on American football abroad. Their website exists at the intersection of game promotion, covers results for interested fans and serves as a first contact for scouts, including some of the NFL teams, looking for clues or information.

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